Organische Geochemie


Running Projects

  • The role of diazotrophic cyanobacterial blooms in the expansion of bottom water hypoxia in the Baltic Sea since the last deglaciation

        DFG-funded project (see for                    details on the project). Bauersachs, T., Schwark, L.

  • Paleoclimate evolution of the NW-PAcific over the past 25 Ma

        DFG-funded project (see for                    details on the project). Bauersachs, T., Schwark, L.

  • Microbial diversity and processes in Red Sea brines (in cooperation with M. Schmidt, Geomar)
  • Distribution patterns of long chain diols in eustigmatophyte algae (in cooperation with the SAG culture collection)
  • Composition of Shark Bay microbial mats (in cooperation with K. Grice, Curtin University)

Completed Projects

  • Interplay of N2 fixation, anammox and denitrification in the Peruvian oxygen minimum zone (2017-2018)

        Future Ocean-funded project. Bauersachs, T.

  • Characterizing trophic links in pelagic ecosystems with stable isotope fingerprinting of amino acids (2015-2016)

        Future Ocean-funded project. Larsen, T., Bauersachs, T., Piatkowski, U., Andersen

  • Ocean floor hard-rock as a bioreactor (2015-2016)

         Future Ocean-funded project. Schwark, L., Schmitz-Streit, R.A., Devey, C.,                              Bauersachs, T.

  • Reconstruction of the variability of the Kuroshio Ocean Current (SE Japan) over the past 8 Ma (2012-2014)

        DFG-funded project (see for                   details on the project). Bauersachs, T.